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Explore the sky binocular package

Explore the sky binocular package

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The vivid wide angle view from these bigger binoculars beats what you can see through cheap everyday telescopes 

The 80mm lens on these premium 20x80 binoculars, plus the larger-than-normal prisms, means they gather three times more light than an everyday pair of 10x50mm binoculars, and 20% more than our 20 x 80mm standard binoculars. 

The quality optics and full anti-reflection coatings give you a bright view with a wide field of view for stargazing (the 3.2 degree field of view is about six times as wide as the moon). 

They use porro prisms, which are better than roof prisms for astronomical obseving because of of their greater light transmission. The prisms are made of BAK4 glass, which is higher quality than the borosilicate flint glass used in cheaper binoculars.

These giant binoculars have individual focusing eyepices and come with a hard aluminium case.

You have the option between two tripods:

The Astronz Heavy Duty Tripod is a stable video camera tripod with a maximum hight of 1.9m. It features a fluid head, ABS flip leg locks and horseshoe feet. It folds down to 700mm for easy carrying. The dovetail plate features both 1/4" and 3/8" threads

The Astronz Professional Tripod is a heavy duty camera tripod with a pan-tilt head and maximum height of 1.8m. Weighing just 3.1kg and with a carry bag included, it's a perfect grab and go solution.


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