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iOptron CEM120 GoTo EQ Mount

iOptron CEM120 GoTo EQ Mount

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The innovative mount for larger telescopes

Recognizing the growing demand for an accurate and stable, equatorial mount with the versatility to carry larger instruments and more complex imaging arrays, iOptron has created CEM120. It offers the benefits of their “center balance” design: stability, accuracy, and smooth mechanical operation, while being capable of carrying a payload up to 52 kg. The “center balance” design’s stability is due to its focusing the mount along with the payload's weight directly over the center of the pier or tripod.

The CEM120's performance is demonstrated by its low periodic tracking error of ±3.5 arc seconds. Along with the stability aspect, it features an advanced cable management system consisting of more ports in more locations preventing tangle ups and reducing the chance of fractured cables. It also adds some new features to the CEM family like Wi-Fi and LAN for remote operation and easy to use, reliable clutches on both axes.

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